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4 Week BJJ Intensive Course

x4 90 minute weekly sessions, Gi & Belt included

  • Started 10 May
  • 129 British pounds
  • Pen-Y-Morfa

Service Description

A crash course in BJJ that gets beginner students excited and ready to join your regular classes. WEEK 1: POSITIONAL HIERARCHY The goal of week 1 of the beginner’s intensive is to get new students comfortable with contact, introduce the position hierarchy, and demonstrate the power of the hips in Jiu Jitsu. CONCEPTS 1. Positional Hierarchy 2. If you’re on top, stay on top until you pass or take the back. 3. If you’re on the bottom, get on top or close your guard. TECHNICAL FOCUS Concept: Using hips to move opponent’s weight 1. Upa 2. Hip bump sweep WEEK 2: INTRODUCTION TO GUARD CONTROL Week 2 focuses on the guard and introduces the concept of creating layers of guard and maintaining passing posture. CONCEPTS 1. Positional Hierarchy review 2. Feet up, knees in distance control 3. Feet on opponent TECHNICAL FOCUS Concept: using feet to maintain guard/distance control 1. Break falls / Technical Stand Up 2. Review hip bump/upa 3. Pulling Collar & Sleeve 4. Catching Closed Guard 5. Kid’s sweep WEEK 3: INTRODUCTION TO GUARD PASSING Week 3 focuses on guard passing. Some of the concepts will have already been introduced in previous weeks, but they are covered in more depth during this class. This lesson also reinforces the guard control concepts covered in the previous week. CONCEPTS 1. Reverse Positional hierarchy 2. Posture on top 3. Upright bear crawl vs Low bear crawl TECHNICAL FOCUS Concept: Maintaining spinal alignment 1. Upright and horizontal passing postures. 2. Basic Torreando WEEK 4: PUTTING IT TOGETHER The goal of the final week of the beginner’s intensive is to introduce submissions and how to tap. It also works to link all the previous weeks’ material together. At the end of the lesson, students apply their skills in open sparring. CONCEPTS 1. Positional Hierarchy review 2. Attacking from dominant positions TECHNICAL FOCUS Concept: Dominant positions lead to submissions 1. Rear naked choke 2. Lapel choke

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